The most advanced temperature-adjustable mug

Control the temperature of your drink on-the-go from the App.

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Hot or Cold ?

Heat up your favourite beverage on-the-go up to 149°F/65°C degree or easily cool down your soda, water or fresh apple juice in hot summer days directly from the app, up to 59°F/15°C Degree!

Never run out of charge

Yecup offers a no-hassle, portable solution for an interconnected world. It serves as power dock for your tablet and smartphone, charging your smart devices up to 3 times a day!

"Yecup performed that duty for me, enabling me to drink entire glasses of tea at a constant temperature. I didn’t even have to worry about burning my tongue."


"Having Yecup that can heat and cool your drink for you means fewer scorched mouths, fewer lukewarm water experiences, and more drinks that are just right."


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