Support Yecup 50$


Support Yecup 50$

Dear Customers, Shareholders and Supporters

Today, Yecup faces probably the deepest crisis in its short existence.

We tried to revolutionize the way people think about mugs and probably we have succeeded as now this market is growing rapidly some of our competitors are even moved further even though they are violating our patent  rights, we don't have any problem with that, we just want to continue making innovative products that we feel will make people's life easier at their everyday routine.

We have revolutionary design of new Yecup C that will be capable of automatic calories calculation and liquid volume tracking ,at the end of the day you'll have full list of calories consumed through Yecup in your phone . We're using AI and Ultrasonic waves to accomplish this groundbreaking feature . Our target price for Yecup C will be around 50$ so more people will be able to afford it. 

We are asking you to support our startup and help bring innovative products to the market. 

Yecup's donors will get 30% discount code ( your email ) on any new product that will reach market. 


Regarding unfulfilled orders we're deeply disappointed but we're taking all possible steps to re-organize our company and re-start production. No one is going to lose a cent , we still believe that it's possible to fix this situation and ship all pending orders or offer full refund with some benefits. 

Only you can do it. The full time people in this startup are working at or beyond capacity. We need help, your help, or we will fail. And our startup will fail. This is the moment. Seize it.


Vigen Sanahyan